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Four Centres, One Vision

Aiséirí has changed many lives - not only those of the addicts but those of the families that suffer, often in silence or in fear - because of the addiction of a loved one.   We bring 30 years of experience and learning to our four unique centres.  Our single aim is to bring about recovery from addiction.

  • Aiséirí Cahir
  • Aiséirí Aislinn
  • Aiséirí Céim Eile
  • Aiséirí Roxborough

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Aiséirí was originally founded in Cahir, Co.Tipperary in 1983 as a high quality, residential treatment centre for adults and their families who are affected by addiction.  For 30 years, we have changed innumerable lives, quietly, unobtrusively, but with overwhelming success.

Aiséirí Cahir



Co. Tipperary

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In 1998, we opened Aiséirí Aislinn, one of the few Adolescent Addiction Treatment Centres in Ireland.  Located in Ballyragget, Co. Kilkenny, it provides unique, quality treatment for young people between the age of 15 and 21 years living with the destructive impact of alcohol, drugs and/or gambling.  At Aiséirí Aislinn we believe in the priceless potential of young people and work closely with families to help them understand more about addiction so that they can support their loved ones win back bright futures.  

Aiséirí Aislinn 


Co. Kilkenny

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In 2002 we founded Aiséirí Céim Eile – meaning Another Step - to provide continuing care for clients, if required, following completion of their residential programme. While our primary treatment programme is adequate for most, our staff found that a small number of clients may need continued structured, and residential support to be able to transition to full recovery.  A major focus of the service is to assist clients to reintegrate with their family and other broader aspects of society.  The facility can currently accommodate a total of nine persons.

Aiséirí Céim Eile



Co. Waterford

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Because of the demand and record of this first centre, in 1988 Aiséirí opened a second residential centre for adults at Roxborough, Co. Wexford.  Like our Cahir centre, Roxborough offers high quality treatment to adults and families in a homely, tranquil setting.  The attractive surroundings and peaceful settings provide an ideal environment for reflection, recovery and rehabilitation.

Aiséirí Roxborough


Co. Wexford

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